Codify Infotech


  • Carol and Charlotte Smith

    A beautiful smile adds confidence.
  • Nathan Taylor

    I was unable to walk without pain let alone play football, until I met with Claire Pettitt and Sharad who worked together to find the solution, a combination of Chiropractic Craniopathy and dentistry.
  • Kirsa Alberts Semi Permanent Make-up

    I don’t have time to check and touch up my make-up throughout the day
  • Jan Axford

    When it was time to rejuvenate her smile.
  • Rowena Binks

    An experience that changed my life and attitude.
  • John Green

    I never had any problems with my teeth, they were lovely and white
  • Iain Mackay

    After feeling let down by a Harley Street practitioner, friends recommended SpectrumSmiles. Now, Ian and his wife travel regularly to Jersey for all of their dental requirements.