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Carol and Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith

“It was only when I began appearing on screen for Channel Television, and getting involved in commercial photo shoots, that I noticed little imperfections with my teeth. It was nothing serious and I wouldn’t have had anything done if it hadn’t been for my mum. After her braces, I really noticed the difference. She looked great and I thought, well, I’m not unhappy and I am being fussy, but if people are paying for a good smile then why not go ahead.

Visible braces could have deterred people from hiring me so Sharad put a track along the inside of my teeth. It gave me a slight lisp at first, which was hardly noticeable, and my teeth were tender for a couple of days, but after that it was fine.

It took six months, and hardly anyone noticed that I was even having it done, I just went every four to six weeks have them adjusted as my teeth moved. Now I have a really lovely smile, without the imperfections.”

Carol Smith

“When I was 16 I had two top back teeth pulled out and, as I got older, gaps developed and my bottom teeth became crooked. That affected my smile and my confidence. In my mid-fourties I decided to do something, but I wasn’t happy with the advice from dentists to remove them.

Then I went to Sharad. He said that the most important thing was to keep my own teeth – they didn’t need to be
replaced, just repositioned. I wasn’t keen to have the normal metal braces at that stage in my life and he suggested Invisalign, which would be virtually invisible. Invisalign does not work for everyone but were fine for me.

They are worn all the time, apart from when eating and on evenings out I would remove them, so that only a few people ever noticed that I had them. For the first couple of days it felt as though I had a lisp but I got used to them very quickly. Every fortnight for 18 months I would install a new set, feel a bit of pressure for two or three days, and then they were fine.

Now I adore my teeth, and SpectrumSmiles’ aftercare has been great. I use a retainer every night to care for them, and it doesn’t bother me at all.”