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Iain Mackay

“I was in need of essential dental treatment and contacted a prominent practitioner in Harley Street but didn’t feel comfortable with either the explanations I was given for my complaint or with the level of service. I live in the Middle East and so it’s important for me to be able to trust the medical practitioners I engage with in the UK because I cannot keep coming back for check-ups.

Friends in Jersey recommended Sharad, saying that he is “well respected and highly competent” and from the moment that I contacted him, I felt reassured about the treatment that I might or might not need, the ramifications of that treatment and the time schedule. I decided to travel to Jersey to meet with Sharad in person.

Sharad was brilliant at explaining everything to me. He was able to answer all of my questions and most importantly, he talked me through the different options which enabled me to make an informed decision about which treatment path to take.

The service at Spectrum Smiles was outstanding. From the medical receptionist through to the nurses and dental hygienist, everyone was first class and attentive. This was particularly important given that I’m from outside the island. I was looked after through my recovery on-island and remarkably, I felt no pain either during or after the operation.

Pleasant isn’t a word you often use with dentists but there’s no doubt that I found the whole experience surprisingly pleasant. I now travel to Jersey twice a year from Bahrain to have my treatment monitored and for regular check-ups. My wife now uses the practice and I would definitely recommend Sharad and the practice team to all of my family and friends.”