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Jan Axford

“I’d had four old veneers for around 20 years when I first went to Sharad; they needed replacing and were beginning to cause me problems.

They had been fitted to my four front teeth to make them longer and, while they had looked okay for many years, they had begun to wear away, and as my gums started to recede, the gap between my veneers and gums had grown.

There were other problems: I had a ‘clicky’ jaw; my lower teeth weren’t quite aligned, so when I smiled there was a little too much of my gums and not enough of my teeth; and my bite was a bit of an issue. It was time to sort it all out.

Having been a dental nurse I knew what would happen, but Sharad went through everything with me. We discussed what I wanted to achieve, and what needed to be done, and then he took x-rays. At my next appointment he prepared the teeth for the crowns and veneers, and took impressions which were sent to the technician. It took about 3½ hours, and at the time it was slightly uncomfortable but Sharad ensured that it was not painful at any stage and he fitted temporary crowns. Four weeks later he fitted 11 new veneers/crowns that evened up my teeth, making me look more youthful and feel great.

Since then, what has really impressed me is the aftercare. There are very rare occasions when a crown comes loose after the treatment, and that happened to me one Friday afternoon. I was due to go on holiday on Saturday
afternoon, so Sharad opened the surgery that morning, re-fixed the crown, and made sure that I was happy.

Everyone at SpectrumSmiles goes above and beyond to ensure that level of support, both during and
after treatment.”