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John Green

“I never had any problems with my teeth, they were lovely and white, and I thought everything was fine until one day when I got one loose tooth. I went to my regular dentist who told me that, even though I wasn’t in any pain, my gums were all
infected and something would have to be done.

I’m a taxi driver, and Sharad is one of my regulars. I told him about it when I next picked him up, and he told me to pop in and see him.

Well, he ran through the options and I decided to have them all out and a permanent set put in. I took a consious sedation and was completely under for it.

First all of my teeth were removed and a temporary set of dentures were put in. Eight weeks later I went back for the permanent set and it was done. I had always had a gap between my top two teeth, and it was odd seeing people looking at my new set, trying to work out what had changed.

I have to keep on top of cleaning them regularly and I go for twice-yearly check-ups, which is fine because the team at SpectrumSmiles are lovely. My smile and confidence have improved, and the investment is worth it.”