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Kirsa Alberts Semi Permanent Make-up

“Being in the aesthetic business, I have to look the part and on top of that, I’m so busy with my job that I don’t have time to check and touch up my make-up throughout the day.

When I first met Louise Walsh fifteen years ago, her work was a revelation that did away with the daily hassles caused by make-up and freed me to concentrate on getting on with the day. Louise is very friendly, looks beautiful and really knows her work.She fills you with confidence when you first meet her and is brilliant at picking the perfect shape and colour for your features.

Semi-permanent make-up is ideal for people like me who are too busy to stay on top of their make-up throughout the day. If you play sport, you no longer have to worry about it running and it’s perfect if you don’t have eyebrows and the upper eye-liner also make your eyelashes look longer!

The make-up can last for up to five years but I tend to top mine up every couple of years. It’s not a long process, just two or three hours and Louise is so good that when you’re finished, you wonder how you ever did without her!”