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Nathan Taylor

“When I started experiencing a groin pain in 2007 I went to the physio and was told it was probably a hernia. I was a striker for St Paul’s, and should have been in the Island squad, but injury meant that I just couldn’t play which, for a footballer, is hugely frustrating.

When I had problems a year later I was diagnosed with Gilmoures Groin, a condition that needed an operation. Premiership footballers and rugby players have had the operation,
and with the same fantastic surgeon who treated me. For 97% of them the operation was a success and they stopped having any problems, but I was one of the 3%. I had to have cortisone injections in order to carry on playing. It wasn’t a great way to be, but I managed. I had more operations in 2009, and trained a few times without pain before it all broke down again. Whatever was wrong with me, it was affecting my playing and my health.

Then I met Claire Pettitt, a Chiropractic Craniopath. We had long discussions and she asked not only about my previous injuries but also if I had any problems with my teeth. I’d had two or three taken out when I was 14 or 15, and I had gaps. For Claire, it all came together. We did strength tests which showed that I was weak on my right hand side; while my left hip moved through almost 90 degrees, my right hip hardly moved at all. The problems were all down one side of my body and, amazingly, it was all connected to my teeth.

Claire sent me to Sharad and I had a biteplate fitted, which seems to have fixed everything. It is still fairly early, but my right side is strengthening, I am able to play more effectively, and I’m not getting injured. I’m back playing regular football without being injured - all because missing teeth were restored.”