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Collection: Tooth Replacement Whether young or old, the treatments at SpectrumSmiles can transform your life by giving you a great smile that lasts for years, but what exactly are the treatments?

There are two types of dental implant. The first involves the placing of an artificial root in the jaw to act as an anchor for each single replacement tooth, the second involves using implants to anchor a denture abutment to the jaw, creating a strong permanent attachment.

  • Implants
    Dental implants normally involve the placing of an artificial root, made of titanium, in the jaw to serve as an anchor for a replacement tooth
  • Overdentures
    As well as creating natural-looking teeth, this solution stimulates bone maintenance, restores chewing and ensures that taste is not lost.
  • Porcelain Crowns
    A crown permanently covers the tooth, restoring its normal shape and size, and strengthening and improving its appearance.