Codify Infotech

A new smile in just one-hour

Technology has transformed dental surgery, and major treatment that once took eight weeks to complete can now be accomplished in an hour.

At SpectrumSmiles we are able to create dental implants that fill the gaps left by missing teeth, or re-stabilise dentures.

About three weeks before the treatment there is a full consultation at which a 3D model of your mouth is created using a CT scan. That model enables us to undertake ‘virtual surgery’, planning the placement of the implant in the mouth digitally without having to cut open the gums. It also enables our laboratory to design the implant perfectly for your mouth.

When you return for the treatment, the implant (the artificial root) is put precisely into position using the model as a guide. We use a local aesthetic and ‘punch’ a hole in the gum where the implant is to go.

The 3D model has shown the exact direction for the hole, so there is no need for major gum cuts. The whole process is exact and takes less than an hour.