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Make the best of the new you.

Your smile is the focus of the new you, but at SpectrumSmiles we take a holistic approach to health and beauty; it’s about the right balance in mind and body. To achieve this balance we’ve brought together a team of the finest practitioners in their fields who can ensure you’re looking and feeling fantastic.

Our Chiropractic craniopathy experts gently and painlessly work on the 22 interlinked bones of the skull to improve the function of your central nervous system. Migraines, back and shoulder pain and jaw-joint problems can be treated by manipulation to improve your entire well-being.

Our facial rejuvenation treatments will bring out the best in your skin and provide long lasting effects. We can make the wrinkles disappear with botox or dermal filler, and offer a homeopathic approach to reducing cellulite and excess body fat.

Louise Walsh, an internationally-renowned make-up artist, can introduce you to the convenience of semi-permanent make-up. Whether it’s eyebrow shaping or contouring to lift your eyes and give you a more energetic, youthful look; or lip contouring to enhance the shape of your lips or restore definition. Louise can naturally enhance your looks with individual consultations that will give long lasting results.

Our philosophy is to make the most of the natural you through enhancement so that you not only look but feel fantastic.