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How We Make A Smile Great

At SpectrumSmiles, we go out of our way to create a friendly and professional environment in which you can relax. But what exactly happens?

Stage 1.

We start by listening to what you want to achieve. Once we really appreciate your long term goals, we carry out a comprehensive cosmetic dental evaluation that includes:

X–rays. Used to assess the health of your teeth and surrounding bone. We want to provide a healthy foundation, and take no chances of missing underlying problems. We use digital X-rays to enhance our diagnostic interpretation and minimise radiation.

  • Gum health measurements
  • Accurate moulds of your teeth and bite analysis
  • Oral cancer screen – We constantly review your soft mouth tissues to ensure you do not have any suspicious looking areas or ulcers that can be serious.

Jaw joint evaluation. We use the latest technology to assess the health of your Temporomandibular Joints (TMJs). This is important as the lower jaw is intimately connected with these joints and the long term success of your treatment depends on their health and stability.

Tscan. This assesses how precisely how your teeth meet. If you have a comfortable bite, there will be harmony and your restorations will last longer.

Teeth and gum assessment We recommend the options, and the ideal treatment, based on an analysis of assessing this data. You can then make the best decision possible for your future dental care.

Stage 2.

As part of the evaluation we take digital photographs and, using the latest digital photographic technology, we create a 3D image that enables you to see your new smile before any treatment begins.

Stage 3.

After your first consultation we prepare the bespoke implant. The 3D image of your mouth is used to construct the perfect implant for you. When you return, and before we begin our aesthetic dentistry, we use oral health treatments to ensure that your teeth and gums are in the best of health. A Smile Makeover can take as little as two visits to complete. The procedure starts with a comprehensive smile analysis and ends with the most beautiful, natural looking smile for you.

Stage 4.

After the treatment is complete, we continue to support you, and to ensure that your new teeth are cared for.