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Life-changing. One hour’s treatment

Missing teeth and ill-fitting dentures can affect confidence and happiness,yet at SpectrumSmiles they can be fixed easily and effectively.

Using modern technology, dental implants can take just one hour to insert, and with effective oral care and regular professional visits they can last for more than 20 years, and maybe even a lifetime.
They look identical to natural teeth and can end all the worries that poor dentures or teeth bring.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that fuses to the jawbone and on to which the tooth or denture is fitted. Implants are made of titanium, a very strong metal that is not rejected by the body. Once implanted, the jawbone grows into the titanium,fusing it and making it as strong as solid bone. The replacement tooth, which is placed over the implanted artificial root, looks and feels so natural that you may forget that you have it. Dentures are attached to two or four implants, improving their stability and your look immediately.

When described so briefly, the process seems relatively easy, but there can be challenges. If teeth have been lost for some time, there is likely to be bone loss. The jawbone supports the teeth, which in turn maintain the height and strength of the bone. Once a tooth has been lost, the bone deteriorates over time as the loss of pressure that is applied through chewing causes it to atrophy. Sometimes a graft is needed to strengthen the atrophied bone before the implant is installed but, once it is in place, further bone loss and gum recessions are avoided.
If a single tooth is replaced, the implant supports and strengthens the bone around the teeth and ensures that the adjacent teeth retain their position and strength. The whole treatment, from first consultation to final check up takes a few months, but the results last a lifetime, bringing the confidence to smile and the freedom to eat whatever you choose.