Codify Infotech

Lisa Galloway

Practice Manager

“SpectrumSmiles isn’t like any other dental surgery – it’s relaxed and friendly, and my job is to make you feel at home.

Having dental treatment is a life-changing experience, and when you come through our door you may know that you’re going to get a healthy, natural smile, but you probably aren’t sure exactly what the process involves.

The first part of my job is to answer your questions. Everyone wonders if they will feel anything, what colour and shape will the new tooth be, if there is a payment plan – there are a hundred questions and none that haven’t been asked before. I know that the only way to make you comfortable is to sit and answer them all, and I will give you the chance to speak to someone who’s been through the same kind of treatment as you will have, so that you can get the answers first-hand.

After all the decisions have been made and the consultations with Sharad are completed, I remain there throughout the treatment process, making sure that you are comfortable. The treatment takes around three hours, but only 20 minutes of that is the surgery. Most of the time is taken up with preparation and sterilisation, so I’ll make sure that there’s good music, magazines, television, a hot drink, and whatever else you need. If the treatment involves sedation, I will make sure that there is someone to drive you home, but most people have their own escort. I will always ring the next day to make sure that everything is okay, and to answer any questions. I’m also available if you have any worries and, if anything sounds out of the ordinary, I will get you in right away for a check up with Sharad. We want everything to be right and you – our guest – come first. Ten days after treatment there is a review appointment with Sharad to ensure the treatment is progressing as planned. Even after the treatment has finished, I will stay in touch, just to make sure everything is okay.

This is SpectrumSmiles and, as you can see, we’ll work hard for your smile – in every sense!”