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As well as creating natural-looking teeth, this solution stimulates bone maintenance, restores chewing and ensures that taste is not lost.

Old-fashioned unsecured dentures can be painful and make it difficult to chew and even affect how you talk. Dentures attach to the bony ridge over the jaw and work well when the ridge is high and large, but over time the ridge recedes causing it to become loose and uncomfortable.

Modern implant-based overdentures can provide dramatic improvements, with better comfort, and the ability to eat and speak without worrying. By using an implant, to which a denture abutment is attached, the bony ridge is maintained, giving a strong attachment.

The most cost-effective option is the removable implant overdenture, which is attached to two or more dental implants. For more secure fits, a dental bar is fixed to the jawbone using implants, providing stronger support and removing the need for denture adhesives. The most durable solution is the fixed implant where replacement teeth are fixed to four or more dental implants.

As well as creating natural-looking teeth, this solution stimulates bone maintenance, restores chewing and ensures that taste is not lost. With our holistic approach to dental care, we can maximise the impact of new dentures with treatments that will make you look ten years’ younger. With new dentures you will look and
feel great.


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